Ill Health Hiatus

Hello followers of history and other such things! My blog has been pretty quiet lately, as unfortunately I can be found in a hospital emergency room more than I can be found at my computer. Readers from the UK will know what I mean when I say ‘postcode lottery’ which refers to how your access to medical treatment can be determined by where you live rather than need. Unfortunately for me, the health board under which I live has a three year waiting list for an operation I need which has led me to becoming one of those people who has to crowdfund their own medical care.

I make no money from this blog which is free and largely ad-free (except for what WordPress demands) so consider this shameless begging for support, in the hope that I get one step closer to being able to enjoy presenting history for your entertainment again.

You can find my gofundme here:

And if you want a laugh, this is me in the national news after they found said gofundme.

Either way, I’m grateful for your support and look forward to being back soon 😀

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