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Seondeok and Queenship in Korea

Firaxis has announced Korea will feature as a civilisation in the Civ VI expansion: Rise and Fall (due early 2018). Leading them towards potential victory is Queen Seondeok of Silla, one of Korea’s Three Kingdoms during their Three Kingdom period of history. In their official announcement Firaxis present Seondeok as a trailblazer, the first female ruler in Korea who contended with the prevailing attitude that a woman was not fit to rule. This conflicts with popular ideas that Korea was openly accepting of female rulers, flying in the face of established patriarchal convention. The truth is far less exciting though, with Seondeok’s reign being largely greeted with a shrug.

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Women of the Three Kingdoms Pt III

The final installment of Women of the Three Kingdoms. Or at least, the final installment until Koei announces new female characters for the series, or until I decide to share with you the stories of the women I discovered while researching this series. Here we look at the remaining women who have been fictionalised in the Dynasty Warriors series and their origins in fiction and history.

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Creepy History: “Based on a True Story…”

Halloween! One year I will write up the history of Halloween and where we get our notions of the devil and demon worship from when it is derived from a combination of Pagan celebrations, Celtic customs and the Church feast of All Hallows Eve. None of which are particularly big on devil worship. But that year is not this year, and having exhausted my knowledge on Tudor ghosts I turn to the next big thing that interests me; “Based on a True Story.”

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Leicester’s Love Triangle

Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester is famously known as the favourite of Elizabeth I. His reputation in history is that of an ambitious womaniser and though he hardly had a slew of lovers, what relationships he did have were certainly dramatic This was mostly because they were conducted in the court of a Queen who considered him off limits to anyone save herself. This wasn’t a completely ridiculous notion, seeing as, for much of their lives together, Leicester was openly courting Elizabeth and was considered a legitimate suitor for her hand. So if one were to think of a love triangle surrounding Leicester, the first thought would probably be of one involving Elizabeth and his first wife, Amy Robsart.

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Creepy History: Ghost Ships

My little one has been sick this week, which has seen me sat underneath her, getting sucked into the YouTube rabbit hole to avoid watching Thomas the Tank Engine on repeat. Endless repeat.

I ended up watching quite a lot of videos about creepy things that had happened in history, but unfortunately, later discovered that most of the events were proved to be unsubstantiated or hoaxes. So here goes a new series: Creepy History. A look at specific instances of creepy stuff happening, that forms the basis of the mass of creepy urban legends we have today, starting with Ghost Ships.

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Third-borns who took the throne

The Royal Family have announced that the Duchess of Cambridge is pregnant with her third child. As with her previous pregnancies, the Duke and Duchess were forced to announce the news earlier than they intended (when the Duchess required medical attention for hyperemesis gravidarum). As a result of legislation passed in 2013, regardless of whether the child is a girl or a boy, they will be fifth in line to the throne, potentially becoming the first member of the royal family directly affected by the change in the law. Already, the media is awash with speculation that, as the third child, there is little chance that they will ascend the throne, as it was when Princess Charlotte was born. This is something which is not quite as ‘unheard of’ as the media might think.

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