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Looking on lovers

Throughout history the rich, especially royalty have used the medium of stained glass to promote their image. The relationship between monarch and stained glass is explored in depth in The King's Glass: A Story of Tudor Power and Secret Art (2007) by Carola Hicks if you are interested in such things. It's a genuinely interesting… Continue reading Looking on lovers

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Henry VIII and his Six Ghosts

It's almost Halloween! Therefore break out the ghost stories! Yay! Given that Henry VIII and his six wives are still immensely popular centuries after their deaths, it is hardly surprising that people still claim to have seen them, haunting various palaces and castles. Ghosts are thought to remain in places of importance, especially if a… Continue reading Henry VIII and his Six Ghosts

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Sidelining Jane Seymour

Recently I watched The Last Days of Anne Boleyn, part of the BBC Tudor season. It is a documentary but also a debate between historians and authors of historical fiction, trying to piece together what happened to cause Anne Boleyn's downfall and the events of her last days. While looking at the hows, whys and… Continue reading Sidelining Jane Seymour

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The Tudor Wife – Emily Purdy

The Tudor Wife by Emily Purdy as it was released in the UK, has been released under a couple of other titles too. It began life as 'Vengeance is Mine' under the name Brandy Purdy then as 'The Boleyn Wife' again as Brandy Purdy before I picked it up in it's current incarnation. The story… Continue reading The Tudor Wife – Emily Purdy