About the blog

Historical fiction is everywhere these days. While it is hardly a new genre, the popular naval exploits of Jack Aubrey and Horatio Hornblower, of the last century have been replaced in bookstores by the scandalised lives of royal courtiers. Television has recently brought us such series as The Tudors and Vikings, seeking to further dramatise already dramatic historical periods.

As an historian I applaud anything that makes History accessible and interesting. But there are many who will accept what they see, hear or read as fact without any further research on their own part. The result is that, despite a surge in interest in History, many remain woefully ignorant of the facts, instead relying on fictionalised accounts for their knowledge.

This blog is all about celebrating Historical fiction in all its forms but also pointing out the drawbacks of inaccuracies especially those that border on misinformation.

All comments are gratefully received and welcome.

About fanta_esque

Despite being called a ‘Tudor fangirl’ for revealing my love of historical fiction to a lecturer, I have got a BA and MA in Historical Studies.

While my interest in History is wide and varied, my specific research interests include: Hagiography, Women in History, History of Monasticism, R.M.S Titanic, History on film and Anne Boleyn who featured as the subject of my first dissertation. Otherwise I love reading, writing and have a sweet tooth of almost mythical proportion. I also don’t like Fanta and sometimes go by the name of Sarah.


I welcome any articles on any element of historical fiction. If you would like to become a contributor, regular or sporadic or even a one off, please get in touch at sarah@thehistoricalnovel.com


  1. Beatrice

    I love your blog! I’m interested in English and Scottish history and especially that of the Stuarts and the Tudors. Thank you for your interesting articles that I’ll read with pleasure and curiosity!

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