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The Women of the Three Kingdoms Pt II

And so we continue the exploration of the stylised women in Dynasty Warriors, based on the romanticised Romance of the Three Kingdoms, fictionalising a period of history in which women were not particularly recorded... Lianshi First appearance: Dynasty Warriors 7 In the games: Introduced to be a pair of breasts on legs  the most "mature"… Continue reading The Women of the Three Kingdoms Pt II

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Third-borns who took the throne

The Royal Family have announced that the Duchess of Cambridge is pregnant with her third child. As with her previous pregnancies, the Duke and Duchess were forced to announce the news earlier than they intended (when the Duchess required medical attention for hyperemesis gravidarum). As a result of legislation passed in 2013, regardless of whether the… Continue reading Third-borns who took the throne

Chinese History

Women of the Three Kingdoms Part I

[Insert flashback music here] I was eleven years old when I first saw Dynasty Warriors. It was the last day of school, someone had brought in their brand spanking new Playstation 2 and knocked out a few rounds of Dynasty Warriors 2. They played the Yellow Turban Rebellion level, Sun Shang Xiang confronted them, and… Continue reading Women of the Three Kingdoms Part I

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Amanitore and the Nubian Queens

Developer Firaxis has revealed that the next nation to be added to the Civilization VI roster is *fanfare* Nubia. The latest addition is based around production bonuses, which fits with their chosen leader; Queen (or rather,Kandake) Amanitore. So let's take a look at the Nubian kingdom, its tradition of badass Kandakes and why Amanitore is a strange choice of ruler for the… Continue reading Amanitore and the Nubian Queens

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The History Behind: Dunkirk (2017)

Christopher Nolan's latest Blockbuster has finally, finally hit UK cinemas and it was worth the wait. Portraying the evacuation of the British army from France in 1940, the film contains minimal dialogue, using instead, dramatic visuals to propel events forward. The end result is an experience so immersive and realistic that one Dunkirk veteran was… Continue reading The History Behind: Dunkirk (2017)

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‘Transformers: The Last Knight’ and The Battle of Badon Hill

*Post contains details of the introductory sequence of Transformers: The Last Knight* The year is 2007 and younger me is in a library comparing two documents. One is a translation from Latin, the other written in old Welsh; both refer to a battle at somewhere called Badon. Younger me wonders if this knowledge will ever… Continue reading ‘Transformers: The Last Knight’ and The Battle of Badon Hill

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The Nine Days of the Nine Day Queen

While we know her as the 'Nine Day Queen', Lady Jane Grey would probably have passed into history as an irrelevant, albeit intelligent, Tudor cousin had it not been for the ambitious machinations of John Dudley, Duke of Northumberland. Having schemed his way to the position of Lord Protector during the reign of young Edward… Continue reading The Nine Days of the Nine Day Queen


The Virgin Queen’s “Virgins”

While Elizabeth I's reputation as the Virgin Queen has been in question since her own lifetime, the ladies around her certainly didn't aspire to the virginal state, despite their mistresses repeated lectures on the matter. It's not known exactly why Elizabeth shied away from taking a husband, though theories range from witnessing her father's violently… Continue reading The Virgin Queen’s “Virgins”

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The History of Cersei’s Walk of Shame

Spoiler warning: Game of Thrones Season 5 finale. Sunday's (in my opinion rather lacklustre) Game of Thrones finale saw one of the more talked about scenes of the series; Cersei's “walk of shame”. Stripped completely naked with her hair shaved off, Cersei walked through the city of King's Landing, to the taunts and jeers of… Continue reading The History of Cersei’s Walk of Shame

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The Second-Borns who took the Throne

21 months ago I posted this as we waited for the announcement of the royal baby's name. They beat me to it this year though, and last week we heard that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have named their daughter Charlotte Elizabeth Diana. Recent changes to the law assure that Charlotte's place in the succession… Continue reading The Second-Borns who took the Throne