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The Second-Borns who took the Throne

21 months ago I posted this as we waited for the announcement of the royal baby’s name. They beat me to it this year though, and last week we heard that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have named their daughter Charlotte Elizabeth Diana. Recent changes to the law assure that Charlotte’s place in the succession will not be affected by any future brothers that she has. Instead she can only be bumped down, as she would if she were a boy, by any future heirs that George produces. As fourth in line to the throne she isn’t expected to become queen, but stranger things have happened! Join me on a rundown of the ‘spares’ that took the throne, (and not all of them because their elder sibling died.) Continue reading


The History of: The Young Victoria

The Young Victoria (2009) as the title might suggest, documents the early life and reign of Queen Victoria. The film is extremely accurate, not just in its portrayal of historical events but also in matters of dialogue and expression. Filming took place at various English landmarks in order to support the accuracy and authenticity. This aside it’s also a very good film and you should go watch it. Right now.
Or if you have already watched it, you might be interested to learn more about the history behind some of the events and people shown in the film.

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