Why Sybil Ludington wasn’t ‘the female Paul Revere’

On the night of April 18th 1775, Paul Revere rode through the night calling to the people of Boston that, “the British are coming!” Tension had been brewing between American colonists and their British overlords, and in April 1775 British troops moved to disrupt the recently formed ‘Massachusetts Provincial Congress’. Seeing the British arrive, Revere… Read More Why Sybil Ludington wasn’t ‘the female Paul Revere’

Amanitore and the Nubian Queens

Developer Firaxis has revealed that the next nation to be added to the Civilization VI roster is *fanfare* Nubia. The latest addition is based around production bonuses, which fits with their chosen leader; Queen (or rather,Kandake) Amanitore. So let’s take a look at the Nubian kingdom, its tradition of badass Kandakes and why Amanitore is a strange choice of ruler for the… Read More Amanitore and the Nubian Queens