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Seondeok and Queenship in Korea

Firaxis has announced Korea will feature as a civilisation in the Civ VI expansion: Rise and Fall (due early 2018). Leading them towards potential victory is Queen Seondeok of Silla, one of Korea’s Three Kingdoms during their Three Kingdom period of history. In their official announcement Firaxis present Seondeok as a trailblazer, the first female ruler in Korea who contended with the prevailing attitude that a woman was not fit to rule. This conflicts with popular ideas that Korea was openly accepting of female rulers, flying in the face of established patriarchal convention. The truth is far less exciting though, with Seondeok’s reign being largely greeted with a shrug.

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Women of the Three Kingdoms Pt III

The final installment of Women of the Three Kingdoms. Or at least, the final installment until Koei announces new female characters for the series, or until I decide to share with you the stories of the women I discovered while researching this series. Here we look at the remaining women who have been fictionalised in the Dynasty Warriors series and their origins in fiction and history.

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Amanitore and the Nubian Queens

Developer Firaxis has revealed that the next nation to be added to the Civilization VI roster is *fanfare* Nubia. The latest addition is based around production bonuses, which fits with their chosen leader; Queen (or rather,Kandake) Amanitore. So let’s take a look at the Nubian kingdom, its tradition of badass Kandakes and why Amanitore is a strange choice of ruler for the civ.

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