The Second-Borns who took the Throne

21 months ago I posted this as we waited for the announcement of the royal baby’s name. They beat me to it this year though, and last week we heard that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have named their daughter Charlotte Elizabeth Diana. Recent changes to the law assure that Charlotte’s place in the succession will not be affected by any future brothers that she has. Instead she can only be bumped down, as she would if she were a boy, by any future heirs that George produces. As fourth in line to the throne she isn’t expected to become queen, but stranger things have happened! Join me on a rundown of the ‘spares’ that took the throne, (and not all of them because their elder sibling died.) Continue reading The Second-Borns who took the Throne

Exploring Pembrokeshire from the Bluestone Resort

I don’t go on holiday very often much ever. So far number of holidays I have been, off my own back, include my honeymoon and…nope that’s it. Far from sunny beaches or romantic getaways that newly weds usually go off on, new husband and I packed for a week, got in the car, drove to the Welsh border and spent a week seeking out all the castles and ruined churches we could find. It was great. One day I’ll even write something about all the places we managed to see. So when I was offered the chance to do the same again, this time from the Bluestone Resort in Pembrokeshire, which is within driving distance of 21 castles, Christmas had come early! I jumped at the opportunity to explore the historical attractions of Pembrokeshire with a poor excuse for a camera, two friends, husband and baby in tow. Continue reading Exploring Pembrokeshire from the Bluestone Resort

Mount & Blade and the Medieval Marriage

I’ve written before about how the games Mount and Blade and its sequel, Warband, are a, shall we say challenging, experience for the female character. Set in the fictional kingdom of Calradia during the 13th century this ARPG is practically a medieval simulator. After statting up your character you can go on to raise an army, gain support from neighbouring lords, engage in political intrigue, manage fiefs, I could go on. Continue reading Mount & Blade and the Medieval Marriage

Looking on lovers

Throughout history the rich, especially royalty have used the medium of stained glass to promote their image. The relationship between monarch and stained glass is explored in depth in The King’s Glass: A Story of Tudor Power and Secret Art (2007) by Carola Hicks if you are interested in such things. It’s a genuinely interesting read about the secret messages woven into public stained glass to spread particular images of the monarch, propaganda almost. I, of course, am interested in the queens who rarely feature as much as their husbands in the public image. So I have collated this gallery of lovers for your viewing pleasure… Continue reading Looking on lovers

Was Elizabeth I a man and other theories…

Conspiracy theories are a way of life, they’re everywhere. Chances are you could find a conspiracy theory about anything and the Tudors are no exception. Forget wondering whether Elizabeth and Leicester were an item, here we see how not only were they an item, but parents to, amongst others, Shakespeare himself. These are not the most believable theories, but they are hilarious interesting.

Continue reading Was Elizabeth I a man and other theories…

Was Mary, Queen of Scots/Anne Boleyn raped and other FAQS

With the exception of my loyal followers (hello!) the majority of people who read this blog come from googling specific questions. As the Google searches often remain fundamentally the same with some variation in how the question is asked, here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Continue reading Was Mary, Queen of Scots/Anne Boleyn raped and other FAQS


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