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The History Behind: Dunkirk (2017)

Christopher Nolan’s latest Blockbuster has finally, finally hit UK cinemas and it was worth the wait. Portraying the evacuation of the British army from France in 1940, the film contains minimal dialogue, using instead, dramatic visuals to propel events forward. The end result is an experience so immersive and realistic that one Dunkirk veteran was moved to tears, saying, “It was just like I was there again.”

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Robin Hood on Film

Robin Hood is something of a curse word in the fantaesque household. Many moons ago my boyfriend-now husband decided to write his thesis on the changing media interpretations of the English folk hero and so began his quest to watch every film and TV version of Robin Hood there has ever been. Which happened to include every single sodding episode of Robin of Sherwood. If you have never heard the introductory tune, here it is. Now imagine this, multiple times a day, every day for three months. Welcome to my nightmare.

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Insert Costume Post Here…

So I was going to a post on the reuse of historical costumes, I notice stuff like that when I watch history programs, especially when it includes reusing a dress as pretty as this;

The Tudors 2010, 2007 and The Virgin Queen 2005

The Tudors 2010, 2007 and The Virgin Queen 2005

Except then I found this website http://www.recycledmoviecostumes.com/ …so uh yeah you might as well just check that out instead 🙂

Merry Christmas!

Pirate Women in the Caribbean

wimminzThe Golden Age of Piracy was an entirely male dominated affair for a number of reasons. On the most practical level women generally lacked the physical strength to endure the brutal back breaking labour men participated in, daily, while at sea. While Gibbs of Pirates of the Caribbean might declare that having a woman aboard a ship would bring bad luck in reality their presence would simply encourage jealousy and fighting among the crew, not to mention the personal danger posed to the women themselves from sexually frustrated sailors.

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The Tudors, Artistic Licence and Outright Fictions

I love The Tudors, I probably shouldn’t, but I really do. The history is so ridiculous and mashed together and I wonder why at various times they make up stuff when the actual history is far more interesting and dramatic, but the acting is good and the costumes are stunning. It would take far, far too long to take apart every instance of artistic licence in this highly dramatised series, but here are some examples of the outright fictionalised aspects.

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