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Mount & Blade and the Medieval Marriage

I've written before about how the games Mount and Blade and its sequel, Warband, are a, shall we say challenging, experience for the female character. Set in the fictional kingdom of Calradia during the 13th century this ARPG is practically a medieval simulator. After statting up your character you can go on to raise an… Continue reading Mount & Blade and the Medieval Marriage


Was Mary, Queen of Scots/Anne Boleyn raped and other FAQS

With the exception of my loyal followers (hello!) the majority of people who read this blog come from googling specific questions. As the Google searches often remain fundamentally the same with some variation in how the question is asked, here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions. Was Mary, Queen of Scots raped?… Continue reading Was Mary, Queen of Scots/Anne Boleyn raped and other FAQS

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‘Cold’ Arabella

To Mrs Arabella Hunt Dear Madam –Not believe that I love you? You cannot pretend to be so incredulous. If you do not believe my tongue, consult my eyes, consult your own. You will find by yours that they have charms; by mine that i have a heart which feel them. Recall to mind what… Continue reading ‘Cold’ Arabella


Anne Boleyn’s Love Letters

Part of Anne Boleyn’s mystery is that we have so little evidence directly relating to Anne from which we can draw conclusions about what she was like as a person. Even though she became Queen of England what we don’t know about Anne Boleyn could fill volumes compared to the surprisingly little we do know.… Continue reading Anne Boleyn’s Love Letters

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The Mistresses of Henry VIII – Kelly Hart

The Mistresses of Henry VIII (2009) The Mistresses of Henry VIII attests that while the lives and personalities of Henry VIII and his six wives are well documented, Henry was involved in numerous affairs with women who have been largely forgotten by history. Hart’s book claims to ‘rescue’ these women from ‘obscurity’ relating the tales… Continue reading The Mistresses of Henry VIII – Kelly Hart

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The Mistresses who would be Queen

The position of royal mistress, even a recognised maîtresse en titre was fraught with difficulties. The lucky, or perhaps more aptly, unlucky woman would have to work tirelessly to maintain the king’s interest. She would have to dispose of rivals without reducing herself to nagging the king or displeasing him in any way lest she… Continue reading The Mistresses who would be Queen

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The Encyclopedia of Mistresses – Dawn B. Sova

The Encyclopedia of Mistresses: An Under-the-Covers Look at the “Other Women” of History’s Most Influential Men. (2001) In an ambitious project, Dawn B. Sova put together The Encyclopedia of Mistresses in 1993, which as you might expect is a collection of encyclopaedic-esque entries for women who have gone down in history as ‘the other woman,’… Continue reading The Encyclopedia of Mistresses – Dawn B. Sova


National Women’s History Month

March is National Women’s History Month here in the UK and in America. The theme for 2014 is “Celebrating Women of Character, Courage, and Commitment.” To that end for the month of March we will be dedicated to all things mistress related, looking at the women in history who played a major role behind the… Continue reading National Women’s History Month

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Reign: The “Story” of Mary, Queen of Scots

Reign, a period drama created for The CW, is two episodes in and is gaining a fair amount of mixed reviews. There are those who are quite happy to ignore the history behind the piece and enjoy the drama and entertainment value, while many are criticising the absurd acting and arguing that it is simply… Continue reading Reign: The “Story” of Mary, Queen of Scots

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Sidelining Jane Seymour

Recently I watched The Last Days of Anne Boleyn, part of the BBC Tudor season. It is a documentary but also a debate between historians and authors of historical fiction, trying to piece together what happened to cause Anne Boleyn's downfall and the events of her last days. While looking at the hows, whys and… Continue reading Sidelining Jane Seymour