The Virgin Queen’s “Virgins”

While Elizabeth I's reputation as the Virgin Queen has been in question since her own lifetime, the ladies around her certainly didn't aspire to the virginal state, despite their mistresses repeated lectures on the matter. It's not known exactly why Elizabeth shied away from taking a husband, though theories range from witnessing her father's violently… Continue reading The Virgin Queen’s “Virgins”

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The Second-Borns who took the Throne

21 months ago I posted this as we waited for the announcement of the royal baby's name. They beat me to it this year though, and last week we heard that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have named their daughter Charlotte Elizabeth Diana. Recent changes to the law assure that Charlotte's place in the succession… Continue reading The Second-Borns who took the Throne

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Looking on lovers

Throughout history the rich, especially royalty have used the medium of stained glass to promote their image. The relationship between monarch and stained glass is explored in depth in The King's Glass: A Story of Tudor Power and Secret Art (2007) by Carola Hicks if you are interested in such things. It's a genuinely interesting… Continue reading Looking on lovers


Was Elizabeth I a man and other theories…

Conspiracy theories are a way of life, they're everywhere. Chances are you could find a conspiracy theory about anything and the Tudors are no exception. Forget wondering whether Elizabeth and Leicester were an item, here we see how not only were they an item, but parents to, amongst others, Shakespeare himself. These are not the… Continue reading Was Elizabeth I a man and other theories…

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Elizabeth I on Film

Happy New Year all! This month is history on film month, because I have decreed it, and what better way to start than looking at the most filmed British monarch; Elizabeth I. Here is a selection of the more modern filmic depictions of Gloriana (and one early one) and whether they are worth a watch.… Continue reading Elizabeth I on Film

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Reign: The “Story” of Mary, Queen of Scots

Reign, a period drama created for The CW, is two episodes in and is gaining a fair amount of mixed reviews. There are those who are quite happy to ignore the history behind the piece and enjoy the drama and entertainment value, while many are criticising the absurd acting and arguing that it is simply… Continue reading Reign: The “Story” of Mary, Queen of Scots