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Mount & Blade and the Medieval Marriage

I've written before about how the games Mount and Blade and its sequel, Warband, are a, shall we say challenging, experience for the female character. Set in the fictional kingdom of Calradia during the 13th century this ARPG is practically a medieval simulator. After statting up your character you can go on to raise an… Continue reading Mount & Blade and the Medieval Marriage

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The Medieval Prostitute

Unlike most of the posts I write, this one is not tied into something in modern media, I just happened to be researching prostitutes (as one does), and thought I'd share because it's my blog and why not? Ha! Researching prostitution during the Middle Ages is not an easy ask, particularly in Medieval England.┬áProstitution was… Continue reading The Medieval Prostitute

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Joan of Arc on film: The Mad Messenger

I have studied history for years and throughout it all, until very recently, you will find religion underlying a great deal of societal history. Considering that for a vast amount of time, Europe was predominantly Catholic before changing, in the sixteenth century, to somewhat Catholic with some Protestantism thrown in for good measure; religion is… Continue reading Joan of Arc on film: The Mad Messenger

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Fiction, Feminism and Marriage

The medieval/early modern woman was defined by her marital status. As an adolescent she was an unmarried virgin until, as an adult, she entered the state of matrimony in which she would either die or survive to widowhood. Common subjects for modern historical fiction are the sex lives of the royal courtiers. Any such look… Continue reading Fiction, Feminism and Marriage